We Live In Terrible Conditions Despite Producing Oil- Niger Delta Youths To FG

…As Sports Minister Assures Of Urgent Government Attention

The Minister  of  Youth and Sports Development  Mr Sunday Dare has assured  Niger Delta youths  that their grievances  would be tabled at the Federal Executive Council meeting for concrete action.  

The minister stated this while speaking during a town hall meeting weekend in Asaba, In continuation of his consultative meeting across the country, where He promised the youths that He would ensure that all the issues raised are tabled before the  Federal Executive Council  as well as the Ministers involved properly briefed adding that Government  is aware of  the issues raised by the youths,  While some  are being addressed by President Mohammadu Buhari through  various  youth – based programmes,  others are already taken care of.

“Everything  has a process and  we must be patient and  allow government attend to the issues raised which  include lack of adequate access to information about opportunities for the youths,  bad roads, power and lopsided  appointment at the Federal Executive Council .

According  to one of the  youths  Frank Pukon who spoke on behalf of  Ijaw Youth Ethnic Nationalities while  commending the Minister’s efforts,  said
“Government must do something  urgently  about their needs which include; access  to the internet, new policies that can help create jobs and end oil theft, degradation and  joblessness in the region.

Other demands are re-activation of abandoned   road projects and the deep sea port, revival of Federal Maritime College, remove monopoly  of refineries put the existing refineries  back into operations  so as to enjoy peace and  Progress in the Niger Delta.

While also lamenting that  “Majority  of the states are not viable Okonta Donalds said the States in the South South are producing  oil,   they is urgent need to relocate  the offices of the oil producing  companies to the region. There  should be  a review of the  sharing formula of oil revenue. The people are living in abject poverty  despite producing the wealth of the nation.

“Food insecurity  is alarming The Lawmakers should enact a law  that would accommodate  at least 40% youths  in the cabinet. He must create space for the Nigerian  Youth  so that we can be part of  Government.

“Government  must address  the problem  of power Without power, the  system cannot work. “Nigeria  must be restructured in line with the  promise of the Government of President Mohammadu Buhari  during his campaigns to Nigerians.

Youth Investment Fund  should be reviewed  upward N75B is too small for Nigeria  Youths who constitute the larger Nigerian  population Monitoring  of budget implementation  committee that would ensure compliance with  budget implementation  should be given priority.

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