Retired Permanent Secretary, Idowu My Great Pillar Of Support – Clem Agba

The Minister of State for Budget and National planning, Prince Clem Agba has described the retired Permanent Secretary, Mrs Olusola Idowu as a great achiever and pillar of support in the development of key National policies, aimed at adequately planning the growth of the nation’s economy.

The Minister said this recently in Abuja at a send-forth dinner in honour of the retiring Permanent secretary.

Agba said despite his objections to the posting of Mrs Idowu to the ministry two years and seven months ago, owing to her specialisation, said working together with her alongside other stakeholders has brought about great achievements, beyond his scepticism.

While recounting his experience working with Mrs Idowu, the Minister said the retiring Permanent Secretary was also a pillar of support to him in observing service rules and regulations and maintaining cordial working relationship with staff unions.

“I’m glad to say that in this last two years and seven months, together working also with other stakeholders, we’ve been able to deliver the National Development Plan 2021-2025; National Integrated Infrastructure Master Plan; M and E National Policy. We’ve done quite a lot of work in the area of nutrition and social development .

“The one area that I don’t have quite a lot is experience, which she really had experience in is the area of the service rules and regulations and she showed a lot of support in this regard. She drew my attention to a lot of things that needed to be done in the area of welfare of the staff union. She was always upfront in terms of promotion for staff.

“The other one is she just called me and said we now have a staff clinic . Unfortunately, I was surprised that a lot of the unions staff were against having a clinic that is meant for their good and at the time they were protesting, somebody collapsed, so the clinic became a saving grace before taking the person to the hospital. For me that was very heart-warming and touching. I never knew we could have something like that. Even the issue of providing welfare packages to staff. We use to doing it twice but she said there are four different avenue and what will happen to the other two of it is done only twice. It was her idea, I supported it and think it’s a good one” the Minister said.

Agba was full of praises for Mrs Idowu who championed the incorporation of the former Planning Commission Staff into the ministry and prayed for good health for her, while stating that his doors were opened to her at anytime.

“Another area was incorporating the erstwhile planning staff into the ministry. She took that to heart. I’m glad to say that we’re about 99 per cent to 100 percent done with the process.

“There is a time for everything and it has gotten to that now for her to take her departure out of service but we are glad that she’s leaving with a good name and good health and our prayer for her is that as she leaves, may God continue to strengthen her.

“What I say to you is, I remain a brother to you, my doors are open to you anytime. I didn’t plan to meet you but providence has brought us together. So, let us enjoy the goodness of knowing one another until such a time that the good Lord will calm on us to leave this world”, he said.

On her part, Mrs Olusola Idowu thank the minister for organising the send-forth dinner which coincides with her 35th wedding anniversary.

“The Minister because he wasn’t around by weekend decided that we do the sent forth but he didn’t know that today is my 35th wedding anniversary. I want to say thank you to everyone especially the Minister of State.

“When I just came in to the Ministry, I told him I will take him as my brother and ensure that you deliver on your mandate but also take me as your sister, and that’s how we’ve been work. But we also fight too but we make peace and that’s how the ministry has been running.

“I thank God because 35 years ago, we were just two. But now, three of our children have gone out, and more grandchildren are still coming,

She further prayed for glorious retirement of all staff in peace and good health , none will die but that all staff will receive their benefits with their hands

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