NIPC Moves To Improve FDIs, Unveils 2022 Strategic Plan

The Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission, NIPC has pledged to improving Foreign Direct Investments, from both domestic and foreign investors.

The NIPC Acting Executive Secretary, Emeka Ofor who disclosed this at a forum in the nation’s capital Abuja also said the Commission has unveiled its Foreign Direct Investments Strategic Plan for the year 2022.

“One of the major thing we consider the most in NIPC is the projection of Nigeria’s image to the world and we take that assignment very seriously because if a prospective investor feels good about your country and location, they will be thinking of investing there” he said.

He said apart from series of stakeholders’ engagements lined up by the agency, NIPC will also partner with the media to improve the business environment through developmental reporting to attract more investments into the country.

“We consider the press crucial to the work we do which is why we have as part of our plan, quarterly engagement which will be slightly different from what we do in the past in the sense that we will showcase Nigeria’s investment prospects more to attract investors, project a better image and support investments.

“We try to ensure that the information we put out there projects Nigeria’s image in positive light so that when the world or stakeholders get that information, they will be able to have a balanced view of Nigeria.

“We have so many negative stories out there and we need to balance those stories with the real facts about Nigeria, the positive facts about Nigeria.

“We also try to let people know that even where we have challenges, those challenges should be seen as opportunities that an investor can invest to bring about the change that we desired” he said.

He however, urge Nigerians to be the ambassadors of their country.

“I will also like to mention that Nigerians should be the ambassadors of their country.

“We want a situation where by Nigerians talk less about the negative aspect and focus more on the good things about Nigeria, project them to the world and then we can now work on the negative and see how the government as a whole and the stakeholders can work to reduce the challenges and it will be better for us” he reiterated.

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