How Kanu’s Love For Women Led To His Capture

Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Leader

As an unbridled sexmaniac ,he goes after anything underskirt even though married with kids ..

His wife is a witness.

Kanu was wooed with a beautiful Nigerian lady ,who was secretly working for the NiA (national intelligence agency).
He was wooed to Brazil. He arrived at the hotel waiting for his would be sex mate , only for him to find out that the hotel is a haven of secret agents controlled by the Nigerian state .
He was then immediately tranquilized with high dose of an anxiety drug, then tucked into an already waiting Cadillac and driven to the Santiago international airport where a private jet was already waiting to fly him to Nigeria.

He came into the country on sunday night .

President Buhari was not even aware of the capture of this man Kanu, (IT WAS AN ULTRA SECRET MISSION ,A MISSION HIDDEN EVEN FROM THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF HIMSELF) but as soon as he was informed ,Buhari cancelled his medical trip to London , so he could have a one on One chat with Kanu .

This is a big win for the Buhari government .

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